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17th July 2015

During the last three weeks we have had the added help of two super work experience pupils, namely Bethany and Lauren. They have both been keen and willing and have done a super job here at the cattery. We wish them well in their future careers. 
This week we have Kinks & Scamps welcoming our visitors by the front door, next to Fudge & Megan who are here for the weekend. Mina has settled in well next to Penny who is watching the goings on in the kitchen. Frankie, a new cat of a long term customer is on the other side of the kitchen. Avi has arrived today for her stay along with Bella & Simba. Archie is enjoying his stay next to Mindy and Lola & Alfie have just arrived, lovely lively youngsters.
Tizer, another newbie, has been a joy to look after. Charlie is enjoying his rest from living with a Great Dane and Hastings & Cosmic are fascinated by the doves. Teasle has finished her meds whilst Oliver is taking his well. Ginger Jack is  still here whilst his namesake Ginger JackJack left yesterday. Chillie is at the end of this block, now with the paneling replaced as the wind has come in and the sun is not so bright today.
We have Circe and Merlin holding court in No. 24 by the pond, whilst Monty, Mozart and Hamish & Sasha have made teaching our students about different breeds a very easy job. Bob & Fred are in the family block which has suited them well, the extra space easing any territorial tensions. Willow and Tulip similarly have preferred the extra space. Lucy the Ragdoll has helped me explain different colourings to our students as has Chester the chocolate Burmese and Albus the white DSH who having now been in the shade for a couple of weeks has recovered from his sunburn pre-admittance. Little Merry is off home today whilst Leo & Jenny the tabbys continue their vacation in the shade of the orchard. We have several more cats arriving this afternoon and tomorrow so as per usual we shall all be kept busy, no doubt!
That just leaves me to wish you a happy weekend wherever you may be. 
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