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Sunday 26th July 2015

Edwina and Dylan decided it was certainly too wet to stay outside today, so snuggled up together as siblings often do.

We have a full house at present so tonights blog maybe a little brief but I will try to mention everyone.

The highlight of the week has been having Max & Rudy staying. They are a pair of four month old kittens who are just non-stop fun, playing with anything and everything they find. You can't help smiling every time you pass their house. 

We have another twelve pairs of cats in at present. All, bar one pair, sharing a house - the exception is Flo the tripod Siamese and Cordelia, the black & white DSH. Cordelia prefers peace and quiet away from Flos constant Siamese chat! We have Jane & Obi, Betty & Little P, Bella & Simba and Cosmic & Hastings, all of whom are regular guests and know how to make the best of their vacation. We also have siblings in the forms of Alfie & Lola, Circe & Merlin, Alfie & Lily, Tansy Tiptail & OJ Simba, Branston & Pickle and our older kittens Elvis & Topsy. These guys are all very settled and relaxed. Last but not least we have a mother and daughter combination in Amber & Olive, again happy in each others company.

Our singles consist of a mixture of some lovely new faces alongside our more regular holiday makers. We try to mix up the boys and the girls as well as keeping cats of a similar age together - it's not easy but makes for a happier holiday experience for all.

For example we have Charlie next to Hazel, then Maggie by Louis, Ashley next to Mindy then Lulubell, who is staying with us for 5 weeks, between Joe & Sticky. Lulubell is a newbie and although a little shy at first is now coming out of her shell and is certainly enjoying her food! 

Posey-Puss is next to Camo, who is next to Boots. Camo and Boots are two of the most laid back cats we have to stay, I could probably put them next to a Bengal Tiger and they'd just shrug and say "Hi Man". We also have mixed in amongst the pairs Avi, Minky, Tizer, Teddy, Bobbie, Leo, Gem, Milly and Charlie.

I think that's everyone, although of course tomorrow it's all change as some holidays are ending as others are just beginning... I'll keep you informed! 

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