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Saturday 8th August

Another beautiful sunny day, the cats all out on their shelves soaking up the rays, the birds in their cote shading from the sun, the fish basking in the pond and the horses grazing peacefully in the paddocks beyond. It's at times like this I appreciate how lucky I am to have such a super job.
Fifi the black long hair is watching other guests arrive from her window, Hazel is sunbathing whilst waiting for her lift home, Baboushka is enjoying the sunshine reclining on her outside shelf and Mitzi & Smudge are having an afternoon snooze.
Duffy is a little shy and watching the world from her carrier whilst her friends Muffin & Razzle are next to her, Razzle again a little shy whilst the ever hungry Muffin is calling for her dinner already!
Bella and Lola the Tortie & White girlies are on their shelf watching the kittens Orville & Wilma who are playing constantly with anything to hand(paw)!
Molly & Minnie are adjusting well to their new rural surroundings. Next door we have Roxy the shy sister with her outgoing sibling Coco happy to chat to anyone. Minky is keeping an eye on the young ladies whilst old Molly tries not to notice on his other side. Luna is loving her outlook and is getting noticed by many admirers...
The second of our two Alfie Moons who stayed this week is watching the doves from his run, Fudge & Toffee another Tortie & White duo are also quite enamored as are Bert & Willow. Gem is next door watching Lulubell who after such a shy start is now Lady of the Manor, posing on her shelf and luxuriating in the suns rays. Finally with the best view of the lot is Charlie - taking it all in his stride.
In the garden we have Poppy by the pond, Peter, Pearl, Milly & Mori are in the orchard. Merry is enjoying extended living accommodation as are Darcy and Camo. Also in the Family block, enjoying the shade of the fruit trees are Evie, the fast growing Tango with Envelope his slightly reticent companion. Bailey & Poppy the Siamese luckily haven't caught Mori's eye yet or there would be a lot more Chatter. Nelson & Pumpkin are doing exactly what I would on holiday - having  nice food and drink whilst lounging around, not doing much. And taking a leaf out of their book are our latest newbies, Bengal kittens, Luther & Martha. They look as if they've been coming here forever, they are so laid back. We're just waiting for Max & Ruby to arrive before dinner is served and here they are - another pair of beautiful kittens to make our cattery complete. I must off to meet & greet - enjoy your weekend.

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