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9th September 2015

FINALLY a chance to update my guests families on how they're doing. Well let's start from the Dove End of the cattery.
We have two new brothers first, Kenzo and Marley who settled right in and are enjoying their vantage point and doing everything two happy cats should. 
We have a few oldies in at this time of year, including Tigger who spends most of his time asleep under his heatlamp but has been enjoying the beautiful sunshine we've had this week. Charlie, another ginger oldie has had a trip to the vets, just to be on the safe side, as he looked a little under the weather yesterday. 
Poppy & Gerry are fine as is Gina our diabetic old lady. Little Timmy is off home later today as is big black Shadow. A now regular Chilli is here next to Lillie the exotic shorthair. Toffee & Fudge are here for a longish stay and are both straight into our routine, with Lady next to them and Dolce who is now fine after suffering a little upset tummy during her stay. 
Flick is also home today, a super little tabby girly who has been a pleasure to look after, always so welcoming and chatty. Bandit & Coco are another new pairing who have settled in so well and are both super cats and seem to be enjoying their stay. 
Minky is up to his usual tricks next to Daisy Little and Rosie who are both fine, Onslow II is on his shelf watching the world go by next to Penny, whilst the lovely Alfie & Lily keep Pebbles entertained from the top of her carrier.
Mori has been a little testing this visit along side Teasle who's eating well and the wonderful Mr Fister & Scraps.
Pussyfoot is now well settled into our routine for her long stay as is Mysti the young Siamese for her stay.
Chester is fine this morning, whilst Liela & Finn keep an eye out from the Family block. along with Bluebell and Bob, Albert with his toothless grin, Bilbo, Bubble & Squeak, Jimmy, Jack, Luna & Daisy. 
We have more guests arriving shortly, so off I must toddle...

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