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Sunday October 4th

Once again I am lucky enough to be looking after a large variety of cats this weekend. From a family of three, namely Maybelle, Coco and Alfie each of whom is a different breed to the Maine Coon siblings Phoebe & Jackson, from Jet & Tilly (Black Burmese & Silver Burmilla) to Busta & Missy the Bengals to Indy the Burmilla and Frankie the Tiffanie who just wants his tummy tickled all day.
We of course have a couple of Siamese in as well as our more usual Domestic Shorthairs and Longhairs.
Each cat regardless of breed characteristics have their own individual characters which I always enjoy getting to know. We have Bobby & Willow by the entrance to the cattery who are two large laid back characters, whilst regulars Maggie and Sox (who both know the ropes well here) keep an eye on the kitchen.
We have some longer stay guests at this time of year. Marco Biscuit is one of these and has settled in well, along with Spike who has been in for a while now and Gina who leaves this week after a happily uneventful six weeks. Snowy has joined us for the next month and although this is his first visit he appears to be settling in well.
Of the shorter stay guests, Gingy & Tiggy, Tilly and Lucy are all off home on Tuesday after a few days holiday. Molly is still complaining about being next to Sophie but as they live together at home I can't really see the problem! Charlie is keeping an eye on the doves, whilst Monty has settled very well in the main block this stay, seemingly having realised that neighbours in here will not invade his territory. Lucy prefers to watch the view through her window, whilst Tiggy is making sure the heatlamp is working..
Meanwhile Simon is still trying to work out how to open his suitcase as he realises his treats are stored within it... 
Well it's time for lights out so I must sign off, enjoy your week. 

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