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Sunday 18th October 2015

Another lovely week has gone by with a variety of guests both new and old. Currently we have thirty guests staying, all of whom seem contented and settled in. Some are with us for a few days whilst others for a number of weeks - so those kind souls who regularly read my updates will recognise some of the names I'm sure.
In the family block we have Jet & Tilly who after a few nights at home have come back for a longer stay with no fuss this time. (Tilly can get a little territorial around other cats and likes to let Jet know who's in charge even though these days the 'baby' is somewhat bigger than her.)
Also in this block we have Bert & Willow who are enjoying their slightly larger house during this visit. The lovely Alfie, Coco & Maybelle conclude the residents of Family Block this weekend, and leave us at the end of the week after a four week stay. Each so friendly but so different in character and indeed looks.
Also outside (not literally obviously) we have another month long resident, Isla, who is nearly halfway through her stay. She is doing well and always up for a fuss - a real sweetheart.
The main block houses Gizmo another real character who goes home tomorrow after a couple of weeks in our care. Fudge & Toffee are next door, eating well this visit and keeping mobile. The beautiful Sasha & handsome Hamish are here for the week which has made Karen smile as they are her favourites (I have told her she's not allowed favourites but what can I do...)
Dear Muku is next to the kitchen, she's come to stay this time under the cloud of a bad prognosis from the vets, however she is comfortable under her heatlamp and is being spoilt rotten. She's not too keen on her 'special' food so I've been tempting her with a few healthy treats and that's really perked her up and she seems as comfortable as can be expected so don't worry Mum.
We have a newbie on the other side of the kitchen, namely Jennywren a six year old black Domestic Long Hair. A lovely girl who has taken her change of accommodation in her stride. Marco Biscuit is her neighbor and again is about half way through a five week stay. He's well into the routine now and has me well trained in his likes and dislikes! Did I ever mention I'm not too sure who's in charge here?
Rosie, another very friendly black Domestic Long Hair, is on his other side so it's a Marco Biscuit sandwich.
Old Timer Evie is in full swing, along with Snowy, another five week guest, who as her name suggests is a white Long Hair. Lots of grooming this week! 
Old man Charlie is eating his medicated food well this weekend for a change and is generally being very good. The handsome black Shadow is also well settled in and always a pleasure to look after. 
Next was my first mistake of the week. I don't know what I was thinking but I housed Monty the Burmese next to Spike the Siamese - all I will say is that we've had earplugs in all weekend as once the '-eses' get chatting...
Ginger Ollie has been uncomplaining about the chatter and has been purrfect as per usual.
Next we have a newbie along with a regular. Malbec has a new friend in the shape of a white Persian who has complete heterochromia (two different coloured eyes to you and me) called Casper. They seem very relaxed together and both are eating and doing very well. 
Tiggy is her usual self, cuddly with me and anyone else with food and frightening to anyone who just wants to clean her out and arrives without a treat!
Malouse was a little shy of her neighbours when she arrived but all is happy and calm now they've all settled in. Herbie is his fussy self on the food front but is enjoying his view of the doves and is always looking through his window.
Bambou is at the end of the main block, enjoying the best views of all and is another cuddly chap who loves attention.
Well, without counting back I hope I have mentioned everyone this week and will blog again next weekend, in the mean time have a good week. Aly

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