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November 2015

29th November 2015

Well winter is well and truly here, gales, rain and a cold chill in the air and so it is no surprise that many of my clients have decided to take a break or two to sunnier climes.
November is usually a quiet month when my girls catch up on their time off after a busy summer but not this November - busy, busy, busy it seems...
This weekend we have had 21 guests staying, to put this in perspective, this time last year we had 9!
So here is the update on our current guests...
Black & white Dillon is by the entrance this week, next to Tabby & white Shelby who is here alone this visit.

October 15 2015

Things learnt this month - if you do not press the save button your two and a a half hour - half term blog will disappear into hyperspace and never be seen again... so many apologies for the cyber-silence but I believed I had posted what I believed to be one of my best and most detailed posts only to find out in fact it had been deleted!!! Strangely I temporarily lost the will to blog when I realised what had happened but I have now bounced back so here we go...

This weekend I hope has seen the last of the firework season, it thankfully is never too bad here but last night the wind direction brought some noise from the Hordle direction, thankfully not for too long though.
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