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October 15 2015

Things learnt this month - if you do not press the save button your two and a a half hour - half term blog will disappear into hyperspace and never be seen again... so many apologies for the cyber-silence but I believed I had posted what I believed to be one of my best and most detailed posts only to find out in fact it had been deleted!!! Strangely I temporarily lost the will to blog when I realised what had happened but I have now bounced back so here we go...

This weekend I hope has seen the last of the firework season, it thankfully is never too bad here but last night the wind direction brought some noise from the Hordle direction, thankfully not for too long though. I checked the cats of course and they actually seemed quite unphased by it all.

We have two newbies in at present, Jaygar, a handsome Mainecoon and Tilly who has moved to the area from Hertfordshire, a pretty little DSH who although a little nervous has enjoyed a cuddle and a groom already this morning.

We have nineteen cats in this weekend, so it is quiet here, but for this time of year that is usual.

Liela and Finn are back in for another holiday, whilst Islas' stay has been doubled in length due to a house move complication. Cat leaves us after three weeks tomorrow, he and Isla have been neighbours over the last week or so and have got on really well.

Fender the grey tabby is such a sweetheart, he's next to TC, a tiny tabby who is nearly 20 years old but is the chattiest little thing about. Teasle the tabby is next door, doing well. Ali C is off home tomorrow following his two and a half week stay, and I must say he's looking very dapper after a good groom. 

Molly, who herself is nearly nineteen, was out and about this morning looking for her breakfast, whilst Monte the Burmese was out and about and chatting to anyone who would listen, waiting for a person to jump on and climb all over! 

Another eighteen year old Tigger the Ginger is also here, next to Minerva, a pretty little black cat who just loves watching the world go by who is next to the youthful Tilly (15) who is enjoying her new medicated diet, which is lucky as that's now all she's allowed...

Poppy & Gerry are showing the newbies the ropes along with Tattinger who's in for just under a month - a beautiful Russian Blue with a temperament to match. Penny is enjoying her privileged accommodation at the end of the block with the best views of the grounds. That concludes todays guestlist. 

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