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Christmas Sunday 27th December 2015

I hope you all had a super Christmas and Boxing Day and are enjoying the additional two days of holiday. The weather although dull at times has been so mild, allowing our guests to use their outside runs more than usual for this time of year. 
We have some real characters in at the moment. Our guests are made up of many regulars with a sprinkling of newbies this holiday-time.
With the exception of half a dozen, all the cats in presently are good old fashioned Domestic Short Hairs, a mixture of Gingers, Blacks, Tabbies and Torties in all shapes and sizes and varying in ages from kittens up to the late teens!
I'll start with the Newbies as I know leaving your cats for the first time can be difficult...
Young eight month old Monti is a bundle of fun and has adjusted to his new surroundings with ease. He's eating well and enjoying watching the birds feed in the garden.
Sylvie, the Grey Tabby, although sometimes a little fussy with her choice of food is doing really well and again is enjoying her view over the dove cotes. 
Also in for the first time are the brothers Tom & Toby. Toby who looks very distinguished with his grey beard is the bolder of the two and is always about for a meet and greet! Tom is fine but a little more reserved and prefers to watch the world go by from the safety of his open carrier rather than the higher shelf his brother has commandeered, but as he only has three legs that is hardly surprising!
Flo (a boy!) is completely white bar a tiny patch of brown hairs on his head. Easy to spot you may think, but in fact easier to hear! Very chatty little lad who loves a cuddle and is a real character.
Diesel is a four year old black puss, who has a lovely laid back temperament and is a joy to look after. He is residing in the family block overlooking the orchard during this stay. 
Tabs & Jasper are brother and sister I believe and although a little shy to start with, have now settled well. Jasper is not pleased that he has to stick with his medicated biscuits when he sees all the different foods passing his house at feeding time!
Sheepdog (cat) has now got used to his neighbours and is no longer on guard duty! He loves his food and is a big softy at heart...
A quick mention for Betty who this visit is on her own after the sad passing of her usual companion, Little P, she seems happy enough though and settled well.
The rest of my residents are mainly regulars who I shall quickly name check, but all are well and have enjoyed their festivities:
Casper the White Persian is with Malbec (the red of course). Sox is taking her medication without incident, Tabby Milly is her usual happy self, with Camo keeping watch over the kitchen - such a laid back lad.
India spends her time spying through her window on who is having what to eat and lets me know which menu she would prefer! Millie the DLH has decided she prefers me to cook her some dinner each night, fish preferably, whilst Jasmine is happy with her meaty Sheba. 
Our Golden Oldie Ollie is keeping me on my toes with what he will and will not eat on a meal by meal basis - the oldies know all the tricks!
Sophie is still suffering from her foot fetish and my new Welly Boots came in for a good talking too on Christmas Morning! She's so silly...
Bella is eating her special food okay although again she's not too pleased watching the waitresses pass her house by with all the goodies.
Kinks & Scamps are giving me the runaround as per usual - but nothing I'm not used to, as I've said before the oldies know all the tricks...
That just leaves Rosie, Wilson and Sooty in the main block who are all very well behaved and a joy to have to stay.
In the gardens we have Benji & Tigger. Benji suffers form cataracts but is coping very well and has had no trouble finding his food. The wonderful British Short Hair Silver Tabbies, Tok-Tok & Sabie are enjoying their climbing frame and eating well.
Misty & Boris are back with us for another short stay, along with the ageing Bubble & Squeak and the youngsters Poppy & Daisy - all are fine.
That just leaves the family block who this week houses Merry (Very apt), Tilly, Penny, Sooty (yes, another one), Alfie Moon, Nelson & Pumpkin, Fudge & Megan, Teasle and Atticus - all of whom are being as good as gold, getting on well and seemingly enjoying their Christmas Hols as I hope are you.
Seasons Greetings, Alyx

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