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January 2016

I guess the snow has finally arrived in the ski resorts because the phone has been ringing off the hook this week with last minute bookings! 
We said goodbye to Kirsty, our first work experience placement of this year, on Friday and we wish her all the best in her future career - a very capable young lady in her second year at Sparsholt College. Tomorrow we welcome Sophie, our second placement also from Sparsholt, but a first year student this time. 
Now we may be a cattery, but at times we seem to have a geriatric ward! 
I must say at this point that I am always very flattered that the owners of these treasured cats entrust their care to me whilst they are away, a difficult decision I know for each of them to leave their oldies behind. 
We currently have the sprightly Spice, a beautiful Tortie old lady who although a little on the thin side eats for Britain and is always there to greet me for breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner! Spice is in her 22nd year, her sister Cuddles sadly passed away last year but Spice doesn't seem to mind not having to share her heat lamp!
Our next resident is Dylan, who is now 20 years young and again a sprightly ginger chap if partly due to a cocktail of pills and potions! Again he loves his food and eagerly awaits all meals although I'm not completely sure he always remembers eating them!
Eighteen and a half is our next guest - a youngster in comparison - Tigger, also ginger, is a regular guest who was a very poorly puss for a couple of years but his loving owners took him to Spain for some sunshine for a few months and miraculously his breathing problems cleared up and here he is at a ripe old edge still enjoying life - amazing what a bit of sun can do...
Then we have Rosie who is one of those ladies who definitely does not look her age. She's 17 now, but doesn't look a day over 12!
The rest of my guests range from a 3 year old Mainecoon called Teasle who is enjoying her fist stay, she has settled in well and after spending the first few hours hiding in her bed under her heat lamp, is now on her shelf contentedly watching the world go by, to a 13 year old Ragdoll called Lucy who again is a regular visitor and knows the ropes.
In between we have George & Connor, Rusty who has now moved in to live with Milo & Lulu, and Pumpkin & Nelson. Also Toby, Pussyfoot, Pebbles, Minky and Hazel. Each have been enjoying the peace and tranquility of a Sunday and either lazing on their shelves or under their heat lamps. The doves have been keeping many entertained, whilst a rare visitor to the garden, a kingfisher, gave some colour to an otherwise rather damp and dreary day.
Well to those of you on the piste - take care and to those in hotter climbs - enjoy - And please be assured your treasured loved ones are being well cared for here at Cottage Garden. x

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