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Sunday 21st February

What a half-term! Everywhere has been so busy in the forest and although the weather has not been great, at least it has been mild. The cattery has been buzzing and we thank Bethany for spending half of her holiday here helping out whilst Michaela has been away on a school trip. Our young assistants work very hard making sure all the cats are cuddled and cared for whilst they are with us!
This weeks cats are all well and healthy and a happy bunch indeed. 
We have several pairs in, namely Boris & Mysti, George & Connor, Lady & Chloe, Scraps & Mr Fister, Bert & Willow and Gerry & Poppy. They are all regulars and have their favourite spots, routines and food for which we cater.
The singles line up looks like this - cuddly Jack, pink lipped Pussyfoot, Sir Oliver always on my shelf, Sam the big purring Burmese, Chillie (chicken's my favourite), Calico the Red, Queenie - I can open and close my cat carrier behind me, Mozart the cuddly Egyptian Mau, Muffin (strokes but no cuddles thanks!), Minky the climber, Mister, another cuddler, Molly the slimmer, Jaygar the big eating Mainecoon, Upside down, tummy tickle please, Spike, Muffin the diabetic fish mad moggy and last but not least Bella the beautiful!
Enjoy your week and don't forget to check out our cat flavoured laughs on our facebook page. x
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