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Monday 7th March

This week I have given Michaela the job of describing what our four legged guests are up to. You can see from the picture of her and Monte that she enjoys spending time with our furry friends. 

Michaela now works here on Saturdays having been our Sunday girl for some time, she also helps out during the school holidays.

Just a quick note from myself first.
Only to say it was lovely to have Edwinas children, Pippin & Peaches, here for a holiday. 

They have certainly grown into fine big cats and are just as cuddly as their mum and Uncle Dylan.

Now over to Michaela (written on Saturday, late afternoon) ...

Shadow has just arrived and is making himself at home. 

Indi the beautiful burmese kitten is training to be an acrobat!

Rufus is all settled in and cosy under his heat lamp whilst Peanut, a stunning tortoiseshell is keeping warm on her shelf inside.

Mr Fister & Scraps are both cuddled up in bed for their last Saturday night here.

Toby is sat out on his shelf watching the world go by.

Chester is keeping warm and cosy whilst looking out through his cat flap.

Muffin is gazing towards the pond.  

Dylan, Dillon & Dylan (and of course Nelson too) are all outside watching the sun going down.

Milly is just packing up her things whilst waiting for her lift home.

Stunning but lively Blackjack is peering through his window.

Chillie is all curled up under her heat lamp.

Tom is hogging the shelf like he owns it, leaving Daisy to sit outside to admire the doves.

Curious little Monte has finally settled down after a fun packed day of climbing on the staff.

Finally Jack is enjoying a quick cuddle having just had his dinner.

Ahh - must be off we have four new arrivals who need a hand...

Until next time! x

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