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Thursday 23rd June

Good morning, what a night! Summer storms aside, it's all quiet here at the cattery. On checking the doves this morning I found one chick hatching, obviously having decided to come out of his shell to see what all the noise was about last night!
I hope all you holiday makers are having a better time of it weather wise. 
This weeks update on your loved ones has been prepared by Alfie, Elliott and Daisy who are doing their work experience with us this week and next.  So here we go:
Minx and Mischief- Minx likes to spread out in her bed and pops out every now and again when people are about, Mischief loves to say hello and tell us when its time for some attention.
Clarrisa- Likes to sit on her shelf and watch the world go by through the window, she loves a good stroke and cuddle.
Minky- Just arrived and has already settled in to watching the doves from his shelf outside.
Smartie- Always either asleep in bed or asking when she is next going to get some attention.
Albert- Always asking for cuddles and attention. Likes to poke his tongue out at you.
Charlie- His day centres around eating and sleeping.
Benji- Arrived last night and has settled in very well.
Tigger- Benji's ginger brother is enjoying his view of the doves.
Twinkle- Our long stay enjoyed a good groom yesterday and spends most of her time rolling over and asking for belly rubs.
Finn- Enjoys a lot of cuddles and always lets you know if you are late at feeding time.
Liela- Loves to sit on her shelf outside and watch the doves.
Shelby- Recently arrived and settled in very well. Likes watching everyone from her shelf inside.
Evie- Has got the best view in the place over the field but instead decides to spend most of her time sleeping.
Lewis- Very friendly and loves a good cuddle. Has enjoyed sitting outside and watching people come and go to the cattery.
Hamish and Sasha- Are their usual cuddly selves and when the sun eventually comes out may get a bit of sunbathing in.
Buddy- Buddy is one of those cats who likes to have cuddles on his own terms. Very handsome, and knows it!
Rocky, Titch, Dixy and Leo- New arrivals last night, Titch likes to have lots of conversation, while Rocky ignores her by sleeping. Leo enjoys sitting outside watching the birds in the garden and Dixy is enjoying keeping away from the nasty weather in her cosy bed inside.
That's all folks! 

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