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Sunday 22nd May 2016

Good Evening.

We've had a busy few weeks with many special cats staying with us. We have met some new cats and kittens that we hope will become regular visitors allowing us to share in their lives, whilst at the other end of the scale we have heard of the passing of two regular guests - the forever young Dylan who went to sleep for the last time during his 21st year and the beautiful and unusual 'Red Lady' Tilly who had been suffering from health problems for a little while, both will be sadly missed here at Cottage Garden.

Blog free zone...

Hi Everyone - you have probably noticed my usual scribe has ceased over the last couple of weeks and for this I apologise but family business has had to come first for a few days.
All the cats in my care are fine and Dandy and the many Newbies all settled in well if one or two are a little chatty! Beautiful Burmese kitten came to stay, very hard to let him go home... 
I promise a fuller update very soon and in the mean time I hope you are enjoying your holidays.

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