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Personalised Service

Pre-boarding meeting

We understand that no one knows your cat like you do. That's why we take the time to meet you and find out about your cat before we board them. That way we can make sure we have everything ready when they arrive, from the position of their house, to the diet they'll require, the type of bed they prefer to sleep on and the toys and treats that will suit them best. 

Delivery and Collection

Need help getting your cat here? No problem, see below for details of our collection and delivery service.


Health & Wellbeing

Each cat in our care is monitored during their holiday. As most of our guests stay with us regularly from kittenhood through to dotage, we get to know them very well. 

Our health and wellbeing monitoring system has resulted in early detection of potential issues over the years, it has highlighted things such as increased thirst, an important symptom which can be missed when cats are out and about in their usual environment.



Home from home

If your cat is happiest sleeping on your chair, well why shouldn't they be allowed to take it on their holidays with them!

Whilst we can supply everything your cat will need for their holiday, we are happy for them to bring that little something they love from home, a bed or toy, anything is allowed here. 


Feed & Medication

Each cat that stays here has it's own menu. We provide a selection of different wet and dry foods, as well as fresh fish and chicken which we give as a treat once a week as standard.

We all know how fickle our cats can be, so we also have a selection of tempting treats and goodies just in case today their 'favourite food' suddenly isn't. 

If your cat requires a specialist diet or medication, we are happy to administer it.  


Collection and Delivery​

For your convenience we offer a car service to and from the cattery.

The cats can be collected or delivered at a time to suit you. 

We charge by distance, local collections start from £10 + VAT each way.

Please contact us for a quote.


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